I’ve enlisted the help of my good friend Robin Ullman to create some healthy and delicious recipes for you (since cooking is not my strong point!). I will contribute from time to time as well - we hope you enjoy!


About Robin

I love God… and writing about food is a step into faith for me. I also love to cook and bake for family and friends - and now in words. I have been cooking, baking and entertaining others for over four decades. I started as a young girl helping and observing my mother (who was a fabulous cook) in the kitchen. Later, for fun and something to do while battling breast cancer 19 years ago, I received a certificate in Culinary Arts. Creating recipes is natural for me. Choosing the right ingredients to make a dish or dessert taste delicious is an absolute joy, especially if I get to share it. Some recipes will be ketogenic, and some will not but all will be healthy.

It has been a challenge all my life to make food taste wonderful and be healthy at the same time. But I welcome the challenge now more than ever because food should enhance life not take away from it. Purchasing food can be expensive so making the most of it is crucial. I believe that eating organic is best so purchasing and cooking quality food should be nourishing and sustainable.  I am faithfully looking forward to sharing recipes that will challenge you to try new tastes and sharing good food with your tribes. Enjoy!